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Circular Solutions

Nachhaltige Palette im Einsatz


Why not like with glass, paper, or metal?

Our vision is to support forward-thinking companies in making their logistics operations fully circular while maintaining high individual quality standards.

As a technology company, we develop versatile panels made from a cutting-edge material combination for various applications and establish our core production technology and its products in as many industries as possible.

We combine decades-old materials with a new approach, focusing on materiality and product innovation at the core of the panel.

Our solutions provide tailor-made production and distribution. We rely on rental to control material usage and establish efficient return channels in sales scenarios.


With our approach, we offer a sustainable alternative for companies that value circular economy and want to be pioneers in their industry.


We already offer a wide range of sustainable solutions for various industries.

Ladungsträger aus Naturfaser und Kunststoff

Load carrier modules

Standard dimensions, special sizes, and particularly individual properties

Ladungsträger aus Naturfaser und Kunststoff

Load securing

Frames, protective panels, lids in any variation

Ladungsträger aus Naturfaser und Kunststoff

Panel material

Currently limited to a maximum dimension of 1.3 x 2.9m and thicknesses between 4-40mm; but even this, just ask


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